The epiphany

It was the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last. It felt strange, the bitter taste stinging on his tongue. But somehow he didn’t stop, sip after sip he continued to gulp the wise waters down his throat.  Today he would gulp as much of the bitter liquid as it would take to stop the pain, to dilute the hurt.

The events of that day replayed through his mind, he thought drinking would make them fade but no, it only made them more vivid and crushing.  He thought of all the money wasted on her. She was in the lingerie he had bought her for her birthday, or at least she had been. He saw it crumpled up on the floor by the bedroom door, his bedroom, in his apartment. The pain was replaced by anger, which turned into a hunger for revenge. He would make her pay, he would make her rue the day she decided to play him. An evil laugh rose up his throat; the booze was working after all. He conjured up a plan, as the booze seemed to make his brain go on overdrive seemingly making the plotting easy.

He knew her weakness and deepest fears and he would use them. After this, she would never be able to work in this town again, all her faux friends would surely disown her and she would be alone. She would feel his pain, only it would be worse for her because without her fancy job and her so called friends she would be left with nothing. He looked at the brown bottle in his hand, grateful to its help. He would need more of these to drive him in his plan. It was the first time he drank, and it wouldn’t be the last…


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